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Jiji - Jiji is an online marketplace in Nigeria that enables its users to post free ads and get buyers faster. We’ve made buying and selling of cars, shoes, bags, furniture, clothing etc, easy and safe.. We have also developed a complex security system, so users get much more safety buying goods and services online for free! In 2015 Jiji became #1 online marketplace in terms of traffic and ads. The company offers its services in Nigeria only, for now.

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Jobberman - is an online career portal in Nigeria. They place a high premium on Job search that is relevant and up-to-the-minute. The market opportunity is exciting; Nigeria is a large country, large working population, and internationally growing.

> Business > Employment - TIZETI ( has been deploying high speed internet access to estates, offices, multi-tenant building using next generation wi-Fi technology. They deploy unlimited internet to residential and business customers which allow customers get the full benefit of the internet with no data or time caps. They also offer VOIP and Video on Demand services.

> General - is an online travel agency specialising in hotel bookings within Nigeria.They allow clients to book hotel rooms online, provide comprehensive help and support to their clients and make the hotel booking process smooth and easy. They also provide hotel recommendations and reviews, making sure that their clients stay in good, clean and safe hotels all over the country.

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TalentBase - TalentBase is an affordable payroll solution enabling African SMEs to simplify and organize their HR processes. TalentBase is an affordable payroll solution enabling African SMEs to simplify and organize their HR processes.

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